DIY Body Scrub

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DIY Body Scrub
DIY Body Scrub

Salty Passion DIY Body Scrubs are made with freshly crushed salts, soybean oil, and an optional Vitamin C add on!

Soybean oil is a great source of antioxidants for the skin! Well, what's an antioxidant and why do I need it, you ask? To explain this easily, we'll use an example; you know when you cut an apple and it turns brown after a few minutes? That's due to oxidation(from the oxygen in the air) that causes a chemical reaction within the apple. This Oxygen in the air is a "Free Radical", or something in the environment that causes chemical changes or reactions that affect the apple at a cellular level. But, if you were to rub lemon juice(antioxidant) on the apple slices, the oxidation does not take place, or the free radicals then cannot change the apples cellular composition! Antioxidants, in the same way, protect our skin! Free radicals can alter our skin on a cellular level, contributing to early aging, hyper-pigmentation(brown spots) and sun damage.

You can also add Vitamin C to your scrub for an extra boost of antioxidants! Vitamin C is also good for reversing aging, sun damage, and dark spots. It's something I always recommend to everyone to have as part of their skincare routine for both body and face. 

Benefits of using a scrub: Our skin naturally sloughs off dead skin in a process called desquamation. When we hit the age of 20, this process has already begun to slow down. This can cause build up of skin cells, creating the appearance of flaky,dry skin. This dead skin sitting on the surface also prevents hydration from penetrating into the skin properly. Exfoliating removes this dead skin build up, allowing hydration into the skin and helping with the retention of that hydration!

Caution: If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Not for use on face - Intended for body. Oils may make surfaces slippery.

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