Pokemon Bath Bomb 4 Packs

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Pokemon Bath Bomb 4 Packs

Get 4 times the fun with this Pokemon Ball Bath Bomb 4 Pack! Every Pokemon Ball  Bath Bomb contains a fun Pokemon toy inside!


Red and White Pokemon Ball

Blue and White Pokemon Ball

Green and White Pokemon Ball

Pink and White Pokemon Ball

They are 5.5 oz each!

Green and white: Tropical blend of sweet strawberries and ripe kiwi.

Pink and white: Fresh watery tones, tropical fruit with a note of floral blend and an essential amber finish.

Blue and white: Oceanic coastal fragrance.

Red and white: Yummy cherry vanilla.

Simply drop into your bath and watch it fizz to reveal your toy!

They are detoxifying, moisturizing, and relaxing!

Ingredients: Contains antioxidant rich ingredients such as dead sea salt and epsom salts. relieves muscle and joint pain. leaves your skin feeling silty and soft with our shae and cocoa butters.

For external use only, oils may make surfaces slippery, if irritation occurs discontinue use immediately.